Thanks For Stopping By

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome! This is my first blog posting on my first blog…ever. I may be behind the times but I have always been a lover of a sharp pencil and a crisp, clean, piece of paper. I’ve heard that the only way to reach people is online, so, on that note, I’ll keep this first post short and sweet; I don’t want to scare you off just yet.

This past year my grandfather passed away, though I felt that I lost him a couple years before. Alzheimer’s is a scary disease, creeping in in between jokes about misplaced car keys and sighs from listening to the same story for the fifth time. Before the disease progressed, my grandfather was a brilliant, quick-witted, loving and generous man. We all have those loved ones who seem to really “get” us and who encourage our true passions. For me, that was him.My 6-year old stories were just as interesting as whatever mystery novel he was reading – and he made sure I felt that way. When he died in February, I hated the idea of writing or reading, and tried to avoid anything that reminded me of him. I have made too many excuses and procrastinated away too many hours and thought, “why not today?”

Now that I have bared that tiny part of my soul to you, dear reader, I invite you into the darker parts of my mind as we explore.