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Happy #8Sunday

This week I have been totally immersed in editing my werewolf story (starring my new favourite character, Lex). This snippet is from the beginning of the story, where we see Dr. King and Price. Dr. King has been infected by their discovery and they have both just witnessed their intern succumb to the violent symptoms.

Saara-Jean dropped to her knees, her shoulders shaking when she found no pulse.

“John, don’t let this virus get out. And please, take care of Hero,” Saara-Jean thought of her sweet chocolate lab as the first of the cramps rocked her body.

“Saara, oh Saara. I’ll take care of him, I promise.”

Saara injected the needle into her side, not wanting to be awake for the last of the symptoms to pull her into oblivion.

John watched his colleague and friend sink to the ground, blood starting to pour from her nose. Her body spasmed a few times and was still the moment before he heard helicopter blades.

John clutched his bag and computer to him standing beside the helicopter. Men in hazmat suits came out with two black body bags and sealed a container with their discovery in it. The helicopter lifted and John stared at the shrinking research camp, his brain frozen at the implications of what they had unearthed in Siberia.

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