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#8 Sunday WeWriWa

It’s been a rainy weekend so far, but, sometimes, that kind of snuggle-up with coffee and a good book weather is totally needed. Thanks for taking the time out of your cozy weekend to stop by and check out this week’s #8Sunday WeWriWa snippet. While I’ve been working on other stories for submission, I keep coming back to Lex. One day, Lex, we’ll unleash you on the world. For now, she can be found below, waking up after having been captured in the woods by two foul-mouthed hunters she had encountered before (but in human form).

“Look who’s up!” The fatter one punched the older one in the arm, hefting his jeans up when he stood. I growled when they approached the cage.

“Now, are you a regular wolf or did we catch a were bitch?” The fat one laughed, the smell of booze and cigarettes strong.

“How do we make ’em turn? We gotta know if we’re gonna try to sell ‘er to Cyrus.”

“You’re right. Hmm, plus then we can see what kinda penny we can get fer her. Maybe she’s cute. Maybe I’ll keep ‘er fer myself, we’ll ask Cyrus when he gets here,” the fat one leered at me and I snapped at the bars, baring my teeth.

Sweat dripped down his mottled face. He was afraid. I prowled the cage, shoving my weight against the sides and rattling the bars.

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