Trick or Treat

The teens’ eyes were glued to the clock above the chalkboard as the hands counted down the seconds until they could go home.

“Alright, I see I’ve lost you for the day. I will see you all on Monday but please be careful tonight. With Allison and Steve still missing, be careful.” The teacher’s last few words were drowned out by the school bell ringing, cheers from the students, and the sounds of scraping chairs.

“Are your parents letting you out to go trick or treating tonight?” Sue asked her best friend, Rosie.

“Yeah, they’re pretty chill about stuff like that.” Rosie stopped at her locker to drop off her books. No way was she doing homework on this weekend of all weekends. She planned to stuff her face with her spoils and make fun of bad vampire movies.

“You’re so lucky. I’m not allowed to go and it probably would’ve been my last year too. I feel like fifteen is the absolute max” Sue pouted, sticking her small chin out, it made her look a bit like the china dolls Rosie’s Dad brought her back from all of his business trips.

In the last week two students from their school had gone missing from their small town, putting everyone on edge. They had been on a date and their car was found, abandoned, at the edge of town.

“Why don’t you just come over to my place? You can stay the night and your parents won’t even have to know that we went trick or treating.” Rosie smiled wide, hoping her friend would agree. It would make for a much better movie-thon.

“Are you sure it’ll be fine with your folks?”

“Oh yeah, they sleep like the dead and don’t get up until noon Saturdays so we can have a girly morning.”

“Awesome! I’ll call my mom, head home and meet you back at your place.” Sue hugged Rosie and ran down the hall, long brown curls streaming behind her.

“You girls be safe, now,” Rosie’s mom adjusted the girls’ matching zombie costumes before snapping a few photos.

“Thanks Mrs. Drapiere, we will be extra careful. And thanks for letting me stay over!” Sue bounced on the balls of her feet, excited to get going.

“Yeah, thanks mom. See you in the morning. Have fun at your party,” Rosie called over her shoulder before stepping out into the night.

A couple hours later the streets had emptied of most Princesses and pirates and were filled with sexy nurses and the odd under-dressed teenager still trying to make a go of trick or treating.

“What a good haul!” Sue said, peaking in her bag.

“Yeah, and looks like it’s not all raisins and bags of chips,” Rosie poked at the contents of her pillow case. “We should probably head back if we want to order pizza before they close, my parents will be out all night and left some money for us.”

“Okay, want to cut through the park?”

“I don’t know…it seems pretty deserted…yeah I’m sure it will be fine,” Rosie said, heading towards the chain link fence. The girls started into the park, the wind rustling the leaves underfoot and the tall trees obscuring the street lights.

Rosie heard a twig snap to her left and whirled, pushing Sue behind her.

“Who’s there?” Rosie called, putting her candy bag down.

Two young men stepped out from the bushes, and Rosie recognised them from the high school across town.

“It’s pretty late for two young girls to be walking through the park…especially on Halloween,” The bigger one said, circling the girls. His friend laughed, leering at Sue.

“Look, we don’t want any trouble, we’re just cutting through,” Rosie handed her friend her candy bag and turned to face the boys.

“It’s all hallows eve baby, you gotta trick for us?” The big one smiled wide, his toothy grin reaching his oversized ears.

“Actually, yeah, I do,” Rosie said, lowering her head and peering up through her lashes.

The boys made catcall noises and high fived, moving in on their prey and pushing Sue to the side. Sue backed up until her back hit a tree.

“Who wants it first?” Rosie said, her head cocking to the side.

“Eager aren’t you?” The big one said, advancing on Rosie, the chains attached to his jeans clanging as he walked.

“You’ve no idea,” Rosie slid her hands up his chest until she had his face cupped between her hands. She forced him to look into her eyes, which had gone black. The boy realised too late that he was the prey and tried to struggle. Rosie pulled his neck to the side, her elongated teeth clamping onto his neck. She drank fast, pulling until she felt the boys pulse begin to flutter. Lowering him to the ground, she rounded on his friend.

“Yo, we were just kidding around….really,” The small one stammered, backing towards Sue, his hands held out in front of him.

“Stop,” Rosie said when he got too close to her friend. He had caught her eyes and he stopped, hands hanging by his sides.

Rosie stepped forward, and fed on him as well. When she was finished, she dragged his sleeping body over to his friend’s.

“Ready?” she asked turning to Sue.

“Yeah, can we still order pizza or are you full?”

“Yeah I might have a slice or two, I didn’t totally fill up on dirt bag”

“Are they ok?” Sue asked, glancing back at the two lumps by the tree.

“Yeah, they’ll wake up with a headache. I wouldn’t ever kill anyone, Sue, you know that,” Rosie said, smiling. She valued her friendship with Sue, the only human to not run away when they found out what she was.

“I know. Sorry hun, with the disappearances at school I worked myself up,” Sue shook her head, hooking her arm with her friend’s and heading for the edge of the park.


One thought on “Trick or Treat”

  1. I truly enjoyed this mini- story and love how the vampire feeding is neatly sandwiched between typical teen “girly girl stuff”. Good, believable dialogue. Even though this is a good short tale on its own, I think you have something here from which you can build a much longer story (novel?). Good job! JMC:)
    P.S. You might to “fix” the “they” in the 2nd last paragraph.

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