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First post in the new year and I am so glad that it gets to be part of #8sunday by weekend writing warriors. I’m still working on some stories with Lex, trying to improve dialogue in general, so have included a piece about her. In it,  Lex has found out that werewolf hunts have been legalized and goes in for her first day back at work since finding out.

“Lex! Good to see you, hope everything with your family turned out ok?” Bobby, my boss, was a harmless sweet guy and I nodded, smiling.

“Yeah, thanks for giving me the time off to get that sorted,” I said, walking behind the desk and away from any curious follow up questions.

“Good, good, so a few things have been added to the info chat we have with hunters,” Bobby hiked his khakis up and slid his bright brochure towards me.

“Lotsa people in here asking about werewolves, even just the curious ones, so we went ahead and made that up. My idea,” Bobby grinned and I forced a smile, knowing the right answer was to be impressed.

“Wow, looks like you’ve covered lots. I’ll make sure to use this,” I said, looking through the three-page booklet.

Every time I had to hand out that book, with its bright, cheery message of the best and safest ways to spot and kill a werewolf, I ground my teeth, using every last ounce of willpower not to shred the papers, and then the tourists ‘ necks.

Thanks for reading! If you want other awesome snippets from talented writers, check out  http://www.wewriwa.com



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  1. Oh I like it, new twist on the tropes and very ironic for your character! Great snippet…putting my Moderator hat on, is this the post for the 17th or last week’s? (Confusing date 🙂 And also, if you can please include a live link back to the main WeWriWa post, that would be GREAT.

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