Fearsome Friday

Coming off the long weekend, Friday seemed like Thursday, so here we are, a day late and a dollar short but posting nonetheless. As always, thank you for taking the time to check out this week’s Fearsome Friday.

Sweat trickled down my forehead, running rivulets through the dirt smeared across my face. At this point everything felt like it was coated and grimy. The air was thick, the humidity making it difficult to draw any breath. I wiped my forehead, leaning on my shovel and surveying the gardens around me. I thought of the day we had moved into our small cottage, surrounded by forest for miles. The look on Paul’s face when he saw the potential for beauty, for his gardens. He was always so positive.

“A lilac tree will look beautiful here, just fantastic. You can read under it, do your knitting if you like.” He had smiled then, blue eyes twinkling when he looked at me, his young wife. He had the next fifty years mapped out in his head, a quiet life, together. Some plans just don’t work out. 

I looked over to the lilac tree now, large after fifteen years, flourishing in ways our relationship hadn’t. My throat tightened, wishing I had been more enthusiastic, more positive. No matter, I would finish this last project. For Paul.

I readjusted my sun hat and got back to work, arms aching with the weight of the dirt. I couldn’t stop, I needed to get this done before it rained, and the scorching sun was now being intermittently blocked by dark clouds. I took advantage of the shade and finished digging in ten minutes.  I dropped my shovel, looking  down at my project, the centerpiece of Paul’s garden. I thought of him, a laugh escaping when I imagined how he would react, knowing what I had dug was not measured out exactly. It would have to do. I sighed, using my legs to lift the ‘growth medium’, Paul’s favourite subject to talk about. I dragged it over and let it fall.

The sheet flapped as it landed at the bottom, six feet down. That I had measured. Paul could finally stop lecturing. I looked down at his face, finally peaceful, finally silent and I sighed, relieved. It was quick work to cover him up, planting roses on top, forever beautiful, forever in his gardens.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend. See you next Friday!

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