So glad to be back after such a long break. Summer and my new real person job sucked up most of my time. This #8sunday is with the same male character from my previous one.

Tapping my hand on the knife at my hip, I picked my way around downed trees and smoking craters. It looked like metal glinted from the bottom of one of them, but sulphuric smoke billowed up and choked me before I could get a good look. Spluttering, I backed away, heading towards my neighbours, the Gubsons. A nice middle-aged couple who had had their “miracle” child in their early forties. The trees began to thin and I hurried into the clearing. Black spots swam across my vision. Bookshelf must’ve come down harder than I thought. Taking a deep breath cleared my head and I ran. The twisted remains of wood and metal monkey bars couldn’t take away from the child’s shoe I had seen sticking out from what had been a red plastic tunnel slide.

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4 thoughts on “#8sunday”

  1. Welcome back – it’s nice to see Dark Clark in my InBox, again.
    Like where it’s heading and how you have simply shown that something awful has happened.
    Look forward to reading more.

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