This week’s #8sunday features my new favourite character, Lex. This is an earlier scene in Lex’s story. Her brother, revealed as a werewolf to the public, is sentenced to death for his alleged violent crimes. Ordered to stay at home, Lex watches her brother’s fate be determined.

I paced my kitchen, making laps into my living room to check the tv every few seconds. The streets were empty, the world held its breath while they tried the first werewolf on live television. I paused as I saw a familiar face come on the screen, my throat tightening at his bruised and swollen face.
We knew there would be no fairness in the trial, the humans were terrified, united as a species against a single enemy for the first time in history. They didn’t drag it out, their verdict was announced within an hour and my brother was paraded past the crowds that had swarmed to the courthouse. He shuffled past cameras and I closed my eyes. I knew it was dangerous but I couldn’t let him be alone. I reached into that part of me that felt like the earth, smelled of home, and where I could communicate with my pack as easily as breathing.

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