6 word stories

The idea of being able to convey an entire story, with emotion, in only six words is quite the feat. I came across Hemingway’s infamous six word story a few months back and have been hooked ever since. His story was simple yet emotionally provoking. It read, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”. There has been debate whether this story was written by Hemingway but, nonetheless, I find six word shorts good practice for working on the essentials of a story.

Adam Ickes (http://adamickes.com/2014/08/05/six-on-the-sixth-prompt-august/)  has a great take on six word stories and seems to be able to convey just the right amount of horror into those tiny words. As I work on them and think of more, I will continue to add to this little page.

*Blistered, bruised knees: Sunday holy Sunday

*She faked it; every Sunday morning.

*Father entered his room; Georgie whimpered.

*Breaking news: Droid Victory, humans extinct!

*Family perishes: Christmas arsonist at large.

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