Thanks for stopping by for this week’s WeWriWa, a blog hop where writers can share 8-10 sentence excerpts. This week’s excerpt is from a piece I have been playing with but am not really sure if I it will go anywhere yet. This scene follows after she has just moved into her new apartment, excited about a fresh start after leaving her husband.

I sat up, heart pounding. I looked around the foreign room and took a deep breath as I remembered where I was. I wondered what had woken me as I squinted at the clock showing I had hours left of sleep. A  noise from the hall caught my attention and I automatically turned to shake Rick awake – and then remembered. I ignored the clenching in my stomach and swung my feet onto the cold wood floor. I could see my breath and reached for my white robe. Shrugging into it, I headed towards the crunching noise coming from down the hall. I flicked on the light and blinked in the sudden brightness; my jaw dropped and I rubbed my eyes. There was a two foot tall creature crouched on the arm of my plastic-wrapped couch. He stared at me, his emerald eyes steady with my blue ones as he crunched on whole peanuts.

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Good morning Sunday! This most recent break has (finally) not been due to lack of motivation or epic degrees of procrastination. I have had so many deadlines to hit that anything getting written was for submission. Focusing solely on those submissions paid off and I am happy to announce that I have been accepted into the Stitched Smiles Publication anthology for Monsters vs. Zombies. Now that I have a spare moment to breathe, I decided to work through an old book of prompts. This week’s #8Sunday for wewriwa is based on the prompt to “write a paragraph where a character apologises without using the words ‘apologise’, ‘regret’, or ‘sorry’. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out other great writers through Weekend Writing Warriors where they will also share 8-10 sentences from their work.

Hudson paused, raking a hand through his hair, helpless.

“Stacey, please, I want to fix this; I should have called you when I got home.”

“That’s not all Hugs, you’ve been gone three months, I’ve been waiting. I find out you’re home by seeings pics on facebook of you at a bar – what the hell?” Stacey raised her eyebrows, tears shimmering in her green eyes.

“Baby I messed up; I don’t know what I was thinking – I wasn’t thinking. I will do whatever I need to do.”

Stacey stared at her boyfriend of two years, chewing her lip. When she didn’t say anything, Hudson continued, scooting closer so their knees were touching.
“Baby, you know you’re the woman I want. You’re my priority and I know I didn’t make you feel that way – from now on, I promise, i will. Can you forgive me? Please? I’ve missed you so much.”

Stacey nodded, letting Hudson take her into his arms.

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